Pokello too pretty oo play

Pokello, has been playing this game far below the radar.

The Zimbabwean beauty, has mostly kept to herself. “Pokello is not here at all,” LK4 said to Biggie in today’s Diary Session, “all she wants to do is put on make-up and sleep”.
LK4 was not the only Housemate who found her aloof. Maria says Pokello does her best to avoid all confrontations while Head of House, Selly thinks she is slacking and letting the team down.
“She is not helping. She likes to do her own things and never wants to listen,” she said.
Viewers at home have taken to Twitter to express their views about the Zimbabwean Housemate:
@Sasha_E_Fierce – dnt worry her time is comingggg.. RT @Mjak8s: #bbathechase Pokello’s attitude stinks. She needs to bounce…..
@annechartz – #BBAThechase Pokello dear be urself dear & write ur own story as u said.we behind u
@621333 – @BigBroAfrica Pokello is working on ppls nerves #AGATHA #BBATheChase
@jessicapinkie – #BBATheChase….pokello I luv u but plzzzz….concentrate more on the money nt on ur face. U r dull, bt I like u alot
@Jaymegatheboss – I’m in love with pokello mehn #BBAthechase @BigBroAfrica
Stay tuned to Big Brother he Chase to see if her ‘lay-low’ strategy will yield any positive results.
By Qhakaza Mthembu


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