Pokello and Bassey’s luck runs out as they leave #BigBroAfrica The Chase

Pokello’s charmed run on Big Brother: The Chase finally came to an end during Sunday night’s live eviction show. Sierra Leone’s Bassey was also evicted from The Chase, just days after the Diamond and Ruby houses merged.

Bassey was the first housemate to be evicted this week, with IK delivering the news shortly after receiving the verified voting results from the SizweNtsalubaGobodo auditor. The Sierra Leonian was up for eviction after Head of House Bimp removed himself from danger and put him up for eviction in his place. Bassey told IK that he had no regrets about the way he played the game as he’d been himself 24/7 and revealed that he’d miss Sulu the most. He said he’d be looking to continue his acting career outside the house.

Once Pokello had been evicted, she told IK that she said that she’d wanted to write her own story and had played the game to the best of her ability, showing people who she really was. Pokello said that she’d miss everything about The Chase, since it had been a great opportunity to experience different people from different backgrounds.

It’s been a big week on The Chase, with the Ruby and Diamond houses merging – and the fake Emerald housemates being introduced into the game. The merge happened after the Airtel Arena Showdown on Friday, which the Rubies won. Everyone has since moved into the Ruby house and will be referred to as Ruby housemates. The Emerald housemates are simply part of The Chase for a few days to add a bit of excitement to the game – they are not in the running for the USD 300 000 prize and will not be part of the nominations on Monday.

Last week’s evicted housemates, Natasha and Selly, got to say goodbye to Africa one last time. Natasha said it had been a shock to be nominated in the first two weeks of the show, because nobody wants to go home. She says the thing she’ll miss most about The Chase is talking to Big Brother in the Diary Room. Selly enjoyed her time at the Channel O parties. She said it had been difficult to be in the house with people she didn’t know, and asked that viewers not judge the housemates because they couldn’t understand how different things are inside the house.

New Media specialist Boity Thulo was on hand to reveal some eye-popping stats from the office Big Brother website,www.bigbrotherafrica.com. The site has received over 4.6 million video views, over 144 million page views, more than 3 million unique visitors and in excess of 2.8 million messages have been sent to the TV strapline. Big Brother: The Chase has over 430 000 Twitter followers and more than 1.2 million Facebook likes. Viewers can catch video links on Facebook and Twitter – or go to www.bigrotherafrica.com to check out all the latest videos if you miss anything on-air.

Rising Botswana star A.T.I. gave two thrilling performances, opening the show with  ‘Ke Lekhethe’ before returning with an intense rendition of ‘Sabliff’.

This week’s viewer vote winners were: HD PVR Decoder – Pumisang Gasemopse (Botswana); Uhuru Tablet – Marvin Mugume (Uganda) and DStv Walka – Yahaya Kabir (Nigeria). Don’t forget to vote to keep your favourite housemate in the game after Monday’s nominations, to stand a chance to win!

IK ended the show by reminding the remaining housemates to be intelligent and strategic with their nominations, rather than emotional. He also highlighted that the Emeralds are immune from nomination this week.

The merge is done, the Emeralds are in the house to cause mayhem and the game’s never been hotter! Stay tuned to DStv Channel 197 & 198 24/7 for all the live Big Brother: The Chase action.

Bassey, Pokello and IK

Bassey, Pokello and IK

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