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Poem: “The Last One” by Lucky Calebs

Lucky Calebs

The last one I washed, you were the last one I washed, and of course my past.

The same issues we trashed were of course the last.

I left and met that laughter, and it was my best…for a moment I said wait I kept my heart in a cage, yes I was in sane. Reminiscing me in your lane, I realized your game; it was your way to fame.

Just then I said if it was your destiny, then it’s forever going to be insanity.

Would I have been the one your heart wanted, if I did not walk in the cold way that day, yes then I believed it was meant to be.

Soon my feelings became your frustration; little did I know all were assumptions, my heart my soul beautifully wrapped like coal.

Until my courage to move, I never knew I could move, goodness, yes goodness, you lost out on the plainness, my boldness, stress less, stainless.

All together in my box of kindness, just that one selfless among all, I was ready to be.

all my plans you shattered, my strength you lessened, my thoughts you abused, my strategies you suppressed, if only I knew I would have skipped listening to you that faithful morning, yes indeed, had I known.

In all you have made me strong, my heart can stand the largest abuse, yes I am now strong; my mind can stand the smartest swindle, in all I am glad that I moved.

Lucky told me

Lucky Calebs, is a young film maker in Ghana.


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