Please forgive me – Dumelo begs Anas

NEWS-ONE can confirm that after actor John Dumelo run his mouth in the media and publicly called the bluff of investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas,  the actor has sent an emissary of top broadcast journalists and a top newspaper publisher to  beg the journalist on his behalf.

Reports say that though Dumelo is secretly begging Anas, he has not made this information known to his various spokespersons who he had initially assured that there was no cause for alarm.

Several of them are therefore still bashing and daring the journalist on several media platforms.

Meanwhile, the celebrated actor, as part of his plea to Anas has promised to stop granting media interviews on the matter and begged that the journalist should not put out the said negative information.

The eleventh hour off camera strategy from Dumelo further complicates the issues especially when his publicists and persons apparently speaking on his behalf are daring Anas to put up or shut up.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas

NEWS-ONE has also seen one of the several text messages Dumelo sent to one of the persons he pleaded with to go talk Anas out of the publication. The text message was to thank the said emissary for talking to Anas.

Meanwhile, Anas has not given any indication what his next line of action may be especially when not putting out the information as he has promised, may raise doubts as to whether or not he actually had anything negative on Dumelo.

The Information

Another interesting twist to the saga is that although a section of the media is speculating that the information Anas has on Dumelo has to do with his disputed marriage with Harrina Dembelle, this is far from the truth.

NEWS-ONE’s checks revealed that Anas has three sets of negative findings on John Dumelo and none has anything to do with Harrina Dembelle.

One of the said set of reports has to do with an Australian-based female friend of Dumelo who seems to have a reason to feel the actor has defrauded her to the tune of $10,000.

She was said to be in a form of relationship with John and hosted him in Australia after which she gave him money to deposit in her accounts when he returns to Ghana.

The money was never deposited in her accounts and an attempt to retrieve it from the actor resulted in accusations of blackmail from him.

NEWS-ONE has also listened to rather worrisome recordings between the two when the lady attempted to retrieve her money from the actor.

John is however said to have recently refunded an amount of $6,000 and has made negotiations to refund the rest of the money.

Surprisingly, Bull Dog, Chief Executive of Bull Haus Entertainment, who seems to have no idea what the contents of Anas’s story may be, has also called the bluff of the award winning investigative journalist: “Anas does not have anything on John Dumelo because if he did, he would have put it out there long ago. I’m sure whatever he has on Dumelo will be the relationship thing that we all know about because knowing John, he does not look like a fraudulent person. I’m very sure the tape Anas is talking about is going to be sexual and you know for the people in this business, it is normal,” Bull noted in a recent television panel discussion.

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