Playwright Chieff Moomen says he is yet to make profit from organizing events

The definition of a successful program or event may differ from one individual to another depending on one’s target and objective. Quite often than not, many will describe a successful event as one that accrues significant monetary profit.

Interestingly, Chieff Moomen, a playwright, poet and brain behind the popular and successful stage production, ‘Wogb3 J3k3’ has revealed that he is yet to make profit since he started organizing and producing shows in 2012.

‘Since JHS, I’ve been doing a lot of entrepreneurial stuff, I’ve been organizing programs and until now, not a single program that I have done has made profit yet. I have been doing this…since 2002.’

On the ‘Xclusive Chat’ with Real Eugene segment on ‘The Big X Show’ on Radio Univers, Chieff Moomen disclosed that he is someone who is not afraid of taking risks. According to him, he sold his only car he had saved money to buy to support the second production of ‘Wogb3 J3k3’.

‘After we did the first Wogb3 J3k3, we were doing our second Wogb3 J3k3, we didn’t have a lot of money…and I said hey we had to do this and I sold my car. A car that I had saved a lot of money to buy, my C230 Compressor that I loved so much. I drove it for two months. I sold it and I knew I was going to buy a better car.’

The graduate of the University of Ghana recounted a number of events that he had organised that had been unsuccessful aside not making any profit.

He had organized an after school party for his Junior High School colleagues, another for his Senior High School colleagues, a poetry show, a dance show and a leadership summit which all did not make any financial gains.

Despite these difficult moments, Chieff Moomen remains resolute in pursuing his vision and achieving his dreams. For him, these programs have been successful because they achieved their intended goal despite not being able to make any profit.

Chieff Moomen

Chieff Moomen

‘If you have that vision and you are supremely confident in that vision and you know that this is something you can achieve and you can feel it in the inner most part of your soul…you’ll not be afraid of the petty petty risks. It is not really failure in a sense. It is just the building up process. You can never achieve something if you’ve not gone through that.’

Chieff Moomen encouraged the youth not to be afraid of taking good risks towards achieving their dreams. He advised against measuring success only by monetary gains.

The playwright hopes to take the sensational stage production, ‘Wogb3 J3k3’ to the rest of the world. He believes that this project will be extremely profitable.

By: Maxwell Amoofia

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