PHOTOS: On The Last Flight, Genesis’ dad turns out to be her client

At the Kumasi Airport, Mr. Williams awaits one of his numerous girlfriends. It has become a tradition for him to travel to Accra every weekend for pleasurable treat with his numerous young lady girlfriends. But this time is different as, as Genesis, the one he is waiting for, turns out to be the daughter he abandoned 15 years ago. What happens to their relationship, and that of the pastor who married a “whore?”

With just about a 10 member cast, Uncle Ebo Whyte has done it again, by giving Ghanaians something to laugh about for the rest of the year. The play entitled The Last Flight depicts the Ghanaian’s notion of who a man is, and who deserves to be the wife of a king. As usual, the play got the audience in the flooded theatre gagging and laughing their hearts out at the humorous manner in which things were presented.

Eventually, it advised on the virtues of a good woman, the 3P’s every man should be (Partner, Provider, and Protector), the virtue of forgiveness and how the viciousness of others towards us, always opens doors for us. There was also a great work of choreography, put together by the production crew, to give the audience a feel of Christmas.

The play was staged over the weekend and is likely to run as part of Uncle Ebo’s Festival of plays in December.

A scene from Uncle Ebo's play The Last Flight

A scene from Uncle Ebo's play The Last Flight

A scene from Uncle Ebo's play The Last Flight
By Martha Teiko Daitey

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