PHOTOS: Nollywood Legend Richard Mofe Damijo Still Looking Like A Hot Model At 53!!

Clearly, Nollywood Legend ‘Richard Mofe Damijo‘ popularly known as RMD still looks hot at age 53! Although, we can visibly see that he has some gray hair now, but his look is still kicking for sure.

We recently received a number of new photos of the superstar actor taken about a week ago in Maryland, USA. And with this photo shoot, we can obviously see that RMD is back in the spotlight and in front of cameras once again; after taking somewhat of a break to pursue a successful political career.

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The photos show a trimmed-down RMD looking dapper in a 2-piece black suit, while some other ones showcases him posing like a model in casual-looking styles. Interestingly, when we asked him about his weight loss at the 2nd Annual Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards (GIAMA), the Nollywood Legend responded:

“You know, I have to keep up with the younger generation now, they are taking over, so.. one has to sit up and you all better don’t count us out yet. I had no choice but to get in shape to stay on top of my game. and you know, I never left the movie industry, people always think i’m done.. and all i say is don’t count me out, once an actor, I will always be an actor, that is who i am.”

Golden Icons will be bringing you ‘behind the scenes’ interview of RMD on set of a new movie recently shot in New York shortly. So, stay tuned!RMD4 RMD-th RMD-w1 RMD-w2 RMD-w3 RMD-0 RMD-0b RMD-0c RMD1 RMD2 RMD3

Source: Golden Icons


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