PHOTOS: Jandel Limited outdoors Events Haven and VIP movable restroom

DSC_0291Say Afio Amoro and people will ask who is she but say Jandel and heads will quickly turn! Such is the goodwill a brand can birth. Jandel is synonymous with event organization well planned and executed in style.

When the CEO of Jandel got it right, she didn’t want to keep the secrets all to herself but extended a hand to other event organizers to tap into her deep well of resources. For those event organizers as well as clients who go through great pains in search of venues, equipments, lighting and other professional relations services Jandel is the door to knock now.

Some few weeks ago, Event Haven was outdoored. The Event Haven, which is every event organizer’s answer to where to host an event and get the most out of it is located near the Round Pavilion at the International Trade Fair Center.
As if that was not enough, Madam Amoro recently upped her ante with the introduction of the VIP movable restroom.

This is to give event organizers the painless effort at coordinating their events while giving the clients maximum satisfaction. To avoid the embarrassment of seeing respected dignitaries jammed at and not finding a convenient place of convenience at events and functions, the VIP movable restroom is hereby thought of by Jandel! Relief, I hear you say!

This caters for VIP’s and corporate executives who don’t want to be inconvenienced when they want a place of convenience. The restrooms are customized for both male and female usage, come fully equipped, use minimal water and electricity and can be place on any relatively flat terrain. They can serve up to 300 people and over.

The launch was graced by Mawuena Trebarh, the acting CEO of Ghana Investment Promotions Center, other dignitaries as well as other well respected industry players in event organization, flowering and decorations.















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