PHOTOS: Historical Judgment Babies #SupremeCourtVerdict

Thursday August 29, 2013, shall forever remain a historic day in the lives of Ghanaians. But like any ordinary day, it certainly marks the last day on earth for some people and the first for others.

Coincidently the number “29” seems to have some uncanny importance as the major persons involved  in the 2012 Election petition,  John Dramani Mahama and Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, were both born on the 29th-John was on the 29th November and Nana 29th March.

Though President John Mahama has not yet celebrated his birthday this year, some of his fans expressed the belief that this is a memorable day for him and the party.

Consequently, out of sheer curiosity, The General Telegraph visited some health facilities in Accra just to find out the number of babies born on this historic day with the auspicious hope that they might all turn into great personalities someday.

As of 2: 00 pm on Thursday, the Osu Maternity Home, La General Hospital, Police Hospital, Korle Bu Hospital had recorded 1, 12, 1 and 15 births respectively, including a set of twins. This total of 29 babies consisted of 16 girls and 13 boys.

Most of these babies came at dawn and were all in good health as well as their mothers.

A look at the historical judgment babies depicted innocent babies looking into the world with fresh eyes. With some crying and others sound asleep, we could only read from their faces, the need for peace to sleep some more and grow healthily.

Some mothers interviewed at the La General Hospital expressed appreciation to God and excitement at the sight of their babies.  The words of one echoed all of them: “We are grateful to God for a successful delivery and we know that the court ruling will be as smooth as our delivery.”

The mothers were optimistic as well that the babies would bring luck to the nation in these historic moments.

A mother who could not hide her excitement, proudly told us that given the opportunity by her husband, she would gladly name her son “Yaw Ghana Verdict”. Who knows, perhaps the lady your son may go in for in years to come might be “Yaa Verdicta”.

Just as the mothers expected, Ghana indeed has become the victor in the end.

Historical Judgment Babies

Historical Judgment Babies  (2)

Historical Judgment Babies  (3)

Historical Judgment Babies  (4)

Source: Eyra Doe and Martha Teiko Daitey

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