PHOTOS: Fuse ODG, Dee Maat, Atumpa and others win at BEFFTA Awards UK 2013

Day 2 of BEFFTA awards saw stars come out in large numbers to celebrate one another in an extremely glamorous evening with a record-breaking 88 awards given out.

BEFFTA UK awards held over 2 days celebrated talent from entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts.

The two nights hosted by BEFFTA founder Pauline Long, Capital Xtra radio personality Abrantee Boateng and poet Alim Kamara were truly inspirational with some of the most unsung talent being honoured.

Fuse ODG won Best UK Afrobeats; Atumpan won International Afrobeats Acts; Kwame Koranteng won Best Male Fashion Designer and UK-based Ghanaian stylist Dee Matt won the award for Best Wardrobe Stylist.

Amongst personalities to receive special honorary awards was entertainment icon BB Seaton, supermodel Nana Afua Antwi received young achiever award and veteran community event organiser and founder of Miss Jamaica UK received BEFFTA female lifetime achievement award.

Full list of BEFFTA UK 2013 winners:

1. Best Female Act: Beverly Knight

2. Best Male Act: Wiley

3. Best Unsigned Act: Roucheone

4. Best Gospel Act: Lurine Cato

5. Best International Gospel Act: Emmy Kosgey

6. Best International Act: Jose Chameleone

7. Best UK reggae Act: Vivian Jones

8. Best International Caribbean Act: Bennie Man

9. Best Producer: Mafia and Fluxy

10. Best Video Director: Dego Visionz

11. Best Music Video Producer: Mastermind media

12. Best Music Video DOP: Nang TV

13. Best Music Video: Dbanj(Oliver Twist)

14. Best record label: Stringray Records

15. Best Comedian: Anne Kansiime

16. Best Newspaper: Trumpet

17. Journalist of the year: Noellin Imoh

18. Best community website: CaribDirect

19. Best Hair Stylist: JDFK

20. Best Wardrobe Stylist: Style Check by Dee Maat

21. Best Make-up artist: Libeks Beauty Consultant

22. Best Beauty Pageant: Miss Black Africa

23. Best Beauty Queen: Chanice Thompson

24. Best Beauty Pageant Director: Dele Onabowu

25. Best Former Beauty queen: Gloria Elongo

26. Best film director: Niyi Towolawi

27. Best film Actor: Ikenna Obi

28. Best film Actresses: Yvonne Hays

29. Best Film: Turning Point

30. Best Short Film: Violet( Directed by Jett Jermaine)

31. Best screenwriter/Scriptwriter: Freddy Kruga

32. Best Cinematographer: Nelson Spyke

33. Best film Producer: Theodora Ibekwe

34. Best events promoter: Focus Organisation

35. Best Art Director: Reuben Joseph

36. Best Spoken Word artist/Poet: Alim Kamara

37. DJ of the year: Dj Mkhukhwini

38. Best UK Afrobeats: Fuse ODG

39. Best UK Caribbean act : Stylo G

40. International Afrobeats Acts: Atumpan

41. Best Photographer: Josh Daniels Photography

42. Best Male Fashion Designer: Kwame Koranteng

43. Best Female Fashion Designer: Zuwa Re

44. Best Fashion Choreographer: Malisha Da Queen

45. Best male model: Hassan Reese

46. Best female model: Siobhan C Ridguard

47. Best Modeling Agency: Face4Music

48. Best TV Actress: Moji Bamtefa

49. Best TV Actor: Wil Johnson

50. Best TV Station: VOX Africa

51. Best TV Show: Naija Bites (OH TV)

52. Best TV personality: Mary Shittu

53. Best presenter: Uncle and Mistar

54. Best Web series: Brothers With No Game

55. Best online TV: Tea With The Duchess

56. Best Voice Over artist: Patrick Mckenzie

57. Best Author: Ferdinard Lawson

58. Best theatre production: Epic Adventure of Nhamo and Manyika Warrior

59. Radio Station of the year: Tropical FM

60. Radio personality of the year: Veronica Gordon

61. Magazine of the year: Keep The Faith Magazine

62. Blog of the year: Kickin’ it with the kinks

63. Best dance act: Unique Silver Dancers

64. Best dance choreographer: Ezekiel Koleosho



Sonia Ike, Dele Onabowu, Alexalyn Owuadey, Claire Biti, Tara Daviess


BEFFTA Founder – Pauline Long




Yvonne Hays – Winner Best Actress


House of JDFK – Winner Best Hair Stylist



Alexalyn Owuadey – Miss Black Africa UK 1st Runner Up



Tomi Baruwa , Lois Peters



Annie Hood – Afrofusion Hair, Hull





Sonia Ike, Samaia Tchapesseka (Miss Black Africa UK 2013 amd 2012)


The winners from day one were:

$11.     Best Female Act: Beverly Knight

$12.     Best Male Act: Wiley

$13.     Best Unsigned Act: Roucheone

$14.     Best Gospel Act: Lurine Cato

$15.     Best International Gospel Act: Emmy Kosgey

$16.     Best International Act: Jose Chameleone

$17.     Best UK Caribbean Act: Vivian Jones

$18.     Best International Caribbean Act: Bennie Man

$19.     Best Producer: Mafia and Fluxy

$110.   Best Video Director: Dego Visionz

$111.   Best Music Video Producer: Mastermind media

$112.   Best Music Video DOP: Nang TV

$113.   Best Music Video: Dbanj(Oliver Twist)

$114.   Best record label: Stringray Records

$115.   Best Comedian: Anne Kansiime

$116.   Best Newspaper: Trumpet

$117.   Journalist of the year: Noellin Imoh

$118.   Best community website: CaribDirect

$119.   Best Hair Stylist: JDFK

photos by by Nollywood Uncut

$120.   Best Wardrobe Stylist: Style Check by Dee

$121.   Best Make-up artist: Libeks Beauty Consultant

$122.   Best Beauty Pageant: Miss Black Africa

$123.   Best Beauty Queen: Chanice Thompson

$124.   Best Beauty Pageant Director: Dele Onabowu

$125.   Best Former Beauty queen: Gloria Elongo

$126.   Best film director: Niyi Towolawi

$127.   Best film Actor: Ikenna Obi

$128.   Best film Actresses: Yvonne Hays

$129.   Best Film: Turning Point

$130.   Best Short Film: Violet( Directed by Jett Jermaine)

$131.   Best screenwriter/Scriptwriter: Freddy Kruga

$132.   Best Cinematographer:Nelson Spyke

$133.   Best film Producer:Theodora Ibekwe

$134.   Best events promoter: Focus Organisation

$135.   Best Art Director: Reuben Joseph

$136.   Best Spoken Word artist/Poet: Alim Kamara

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