Photographer Emmanuel Bobbie of Bob Pixel Photography fights Abbi Creations Fashion School

If those that are in charge of teaching morals and values are violating it, then, who do we turn to?

As we all know that going to court to fight copyright case in this part of the world is something many people will not want to waste their time doing because there is no possibility of getting judgment in one’s lifetime.

Last month, one of Ghana’s creative photographers (which I will not like to mention his name) was telling me about his close to 2years copyright case in court and I felt so sorry for him because of time and money is putting in to get justice for his hard work.

He sued an organization for using his work (images) without consulting him and did not give credit either. The case is almost 2years now and no sign that the judgment is coming soon.

Lots of up and coming designers have also complained several time that their creativity has been stolen by ‘some’ big name designer and nothing they could do because they are not financially sound to trademark or publicize it well like the later do.

Now, my headache with Abbi Creations…I stumbled on an image shot by Emmanuel Bobbie of Bob Pixel Photography for Maksi Clothingand was unprofessionally and unethically used…used or stolen? Yes, ‘stolen’ by Abbi Creations Fashion School for advert as their own creation.

Yes, I used the word ‘stolen’ because the image was not only used without permission or not given credit to the owner BUT the logo of the creator was totally wiped off as well. Can you see that it was ‘stolen’? Converting someone else creativity to theirs.

Now, I am trying to imaging what kind of ethical and professional values such fashion school is passing to their students.

If the law enforcement agencies cannot give us good and timely judgment, then, we can use the power of media to expose, condemn and disgrace people with such bad act.

Probably, if they are publicly embarrassed and their clients/students get to know that they are running a ‘copy cat’ and unprofessional services; maybe they will think twice and be forced to change their ways.

See what Emmanuel Bobbie said on his Facebook page Emmanuelbobbie
See the two images: Abbi Creations’ & Emmanuel Bobbie’s original work



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