PHOTO: Yvonne & John, what’s going on?

Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo

Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo

It’s a bright day and we just stumbled on this photo, see after jump.

The photo speaks for itself. It seems that it’s fun-time for the pair who have somehow denied that there is ‘something’ going on between them.

Well we shall not want to open what they may want to be close. But with happenings in the last few months, and with this snap, isn’t it an eyebrow raiser?

They have both come out to state clearly that they have nothing, as in no feelings for each other even when the sky is clear that there may be some kind of ‘kukere’. The ‘but’ in the issue is why play all this ‘cat and mouse’ games?

Well let’s allow sleeping dogs lie as far as their issue is concern. Or better still we can say that shame on rumormongers. This settles it right?

They look lovely together though. LoL

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