PHOTO: Proof Chris Brown smoked weed on stage in Ghana

Chris Brown smoking weed

Ok so here is proof to suggest Chris Brown actually smoked weed, while performing on stage in Ghana on March 5, 2013.

Chris Brown, who was almost 45 minutes into his performance, paused for few moments to stage something the controversial ‘act’.

In five minutes, he pieced together, what was, a creative and arty way of getting away with smoking weed in a country, where the practice is largely illegal.

“How many of y’all smoke weed,” he asked the rather animated crowd. The response from a cross section, spurred him. He brings out a roll, lights it, and heads into a free-for-all, on-stage wee smoking.

“If anybody tripping on ya’ll smoking weed, f**k them,” he told the crowd. This drew a rapturous response from a crowd that had already been psyched and worked up prior to that single, weed glorification moment.

It was a night that saw the American youngster give off his best, to justify the effort made by the organizers in bringing him down. Session after the other, he put up a stagecraft that should add to the already impressive ones put up by the likes of Fabolous, T-Pain and Bow Wow, in separate concerts in Ghana.

The Chris Brown Live in Ghana concert was sponsored by local ICT blue chip rlg, in commemoration of a six-storey technology project; HOPE CITY.

Photo Credit: Western Publications/Halifax Ansah Addo/Facebook

Source: ENewsGH

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