PHOTO: Nana Addo dances at Kwahu Easter

Nana Addo dancing to Amakye Dede’s tunes at Kwahu

Nana Addo dancing to Amakye Dede’s tunes at Kwahu

Nana Akufo-Addo, the 2012 presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), took some time off his ‘court petition’ to boogie down at the Wags Hotel at Obomeng in the Eastern Region during the Kwahu Easter festivities.

Nana Addo’s presence at the hotel soon became the talk of town and attracted several people who trooped there to catch a glimpse of him celebrating Easter in his home region.

Dressed in a white linen shirt and his hallmark round framed spectacles, Nana Addo was seen busily displaying some dance moves to Abrantie Amakye Dede’s ‘Akwadaa Wisua’.

Abrantie himself was performing live when Nana Addo joined him on the dance floor to display his boogie skills.

The audience could not hold their excitement, shouting various slogans while he danced. For over 15 minutes, Nana Addo held the audience spellbound with his electrifying dance steps.

Nana’s performance on the dance floor attracted the attention of the audience, especially the ladies, who remained on their feet as they also danced alongside.

Nana continued to dance to the delight of the audience. And of course, he didn’t fail to dish out his infamous ‘Odo ye de’ dance moves beyond their expectation.

Many music fans who attended the highlife musical bash were amazed and delighted to see Nana at the show. Some took photographs with him whilst he was dancing.

The attention-grabbing show compelled people driving by to stop, just to catch a glimpse of Nana, who was also accompanied to the event by his team.

Every available space at Wags Hotel and its immediate environs, stretching to the main roads leading to Mpraseo roundabout, was occupied.

There was plenty to eat and drink. However, a common feature throughout the show was the sight of the long and passionate embraces of ecstatic old friends, perhaps surprised at how far life had brought them.

No matter where you were in the thick crowd, you could see couples doing their own thing – dancing and drinking.

Music fans were also tickled by the extraordinary performance from Abrantie Amakye Dede, whose act brought more excitement to the show. He set the venues on fire with his stagecraft and unique style of delivery.

Abrantie mounted the stage a minute after he was introduced by Mikki Darling of Peace FM to the excited audience. He was consistent and controlled the crowd. He also delighted music fans with most of his hit songs.

He was unsurpassable as he was able to thrill music fans to their satisfaction. It was a hilarious spectacle as the prolific musician treated the excited audience to some serious dance moves on stage.

The annual Kwahu Easter Festival has now become an omnibus event where all manner of people throng the top of the Kwahu Ridge to celebrate.


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