PHOTO: Man grabs Joshua Clottey’s balls

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words; and a recent picture of former IBF Welterweight titlist Joshua ‘Hitter’ Clottey has got persons who have seen it talking about what the mature balls of an adult male would be doing in the grips of another man.

The look on Joshua’s face as captured in the picture even worsens the controversy as he seemed to be in pain or some sort of agony.

The picture was taken at the Paramount Theater in New York over the weekend, moments after the Ghanaian boxer won his fight against Dashon Johnson.

News-One does not readily have the name of the man who seems to have grabbed the boxer’s balls, but initial checks say he is the boxer’s trainer who mistakenly grabbed the ‘wrong’ part of the boxer’s body when lifting him to celebrate the win against Johnson.

Some have also expressed doubts if indeed it was Joshua’s balls what was in the grip of the man.

Whatever it is, the Ghanaian boxer won his fight and is worth celebrating.

“It was a very tough fight, but my desire to return in style after the long break did the trick. I purposed to stop him but that didn’t happen.

“I have been working very hard for this bout, and I consider the win as a good step to inch me closer to another world title shot.

It’s likely I will get a title shot in December or early next year…

I will be returning home soon, go back to the drawing board and work hard towards achieving my dream of ruling the World again,” Clottey was quoted as saying.

Man Grabs Joshua Clottey’s Balls

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