PHOTO: Ghana’s Elikem and Fatima bathe together again

Elikem and FatimaIt seems there’s nothing that could come between friends Elikem and Fatima, not even the dirt their bodies produce in the tub. Eeeuww. Clearly Pokello didn’t mind because while they were bathing she was busy doing sexy moves to a song downstairs.

The lines in Elikem and Pokello’s relationship are crystal clear and seemingly both of them are free to do whatever they want with whomever because there is no attachment between them. I mean what woman would allow another woman to take a bath with her man? Pokello was obviously not bothered by this. Could their friendship be all platonic or are they that good at fooling us?

We all know that Elikem is a ladies’ man and has always prided himself on not attaching himself to any woman. This however puts him at a very tricky position because if another female Housemates has genuine feelings for him, they wouldn’t be able to tell him because he’s known as the resident player and he’s always lovey-dovey with Fatima. This is possibly why Pokello was turned off by his charm.

The weird thing is that when the lights go off, it’s Pokello’s bed that he goes for where he spends his time trying to get back in her good books. But Pokello is dead set on her relationship back home or so she keeps saying. The man has no boundaries which could be his downfall and part of why Pokello won’t go down that road with him. Anything gets you Nominated and eventually Evicted in Biggie’s House so you need to watch your step Elikem.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


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