PHOTO: Delay’s secret lover?

delayNEWS-ONE has received photographs of a lanky Spaniard suspected to be the secrete lover of TV presenter and broadcast journalist Delores Frimpong Manso known as Delay.

The photographs were leaked by persons close to Delay and they opined he may be responsible for her young pregnancy, though they provided no such evidence.

The dude is said to own a chain of restaurants in Europe and resides in Trassacco Villa when he is in Ghana.

Delay neither picked her calls nor replied text messages sent to her phone to ask her of the identity of the alleged Spaniard lover.

In the past she had spoken to NEWS-ONE about her dream man: “I love skinny guys; someone who has a clean skin with a great taste of fashion. A nice guy with a sexy butt- not too big butts-but they must be sexy and he should be taller than me. He must not be a broke-arse letch who would suck my blood.”

Judging by the picture, the Spaniard is indeed skinny with a clean skin and taller than Delay. His back view shows he has small butts probably sexy enough to meet Delay’s specification and reports say he has money enough to last two life times.

Delay and her lover were said to have taken the photographs in Ibiza, an Island off the coast of Valencia in Spain.

Still talking about her ideal lover, Delay is on record to have said she would rather get bonked by a ‘White guy’ than date Ghanaian movie producer Fred Nuamah.

“I would rather marry a white man than marry Fred Nuamah…he’s a nice guy and everything but hey, I don’t want to marry him,” she once said on her Delay Talk show on TV.

ischaia islandJust last week, NEWS-ONE reported that speculations making the rounds said Delay was three weeks pregnant but trying her best to hide it from the eyes of the public.

 The paper tried reaching her on phone over the matter but she replied in a language that can be described as a near-insult: “I am shocked a guy is asking me this type of question. Like seriously? You hear I am pregnant and you have the guts to ask me? I am at the airport if you want to talk to me, come meet me here.

“Instead of talking about my ‘Delay Mackerel’ or my shoes, you are here monitoring whose sperm is fertilizing which ovaries in my fallopian tube. Come and insert you last finger and see if I am pregnant.

She said she was at the airport on her way to Rio in Brazil and that if the paper could get to the airport before she left, then she would talk on the subject.

 When NEWS-ONE again called her and asked her of the pregnancy, she said the paper should rather give her space to talk about her ‘Delay’ talk show on Vaisat-1.

But a source who works for Delay insists she is indeed pregnant but keeping it under wraps.

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