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Last weekend the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, the most talked about show on the entertainment calendar, took place and it comes as no surprise that it has since left in its wake some controversial issues that those who see themselves as experts of entertainment have been discussing and giving opinions about some of those issues. Some have been talking about the performances by the artistes, others have taken issues with those who picked up awards on the night and whether they deserve them or not, some others have been giving opinions about the technical aspects of the show viz. lights and sound; and yet others have commented on the performance of the two hosts on the night.

In all these the two biggest post event talking points have been the response by Bandana aka Shatta Wale to the fact that he did not win an award and Confidence being criticized for an abysmal performance on the red carpet.

Both took to Twitter to give their thoughts about what they perceived to be wrong with they not getting an award and responding to criticisms by viewers respectively. Bandana hit below the belt as he used offensive language to register his disappointment and Confidence stuck it up to those who had the effrontery to criticize her red carpet showing.

Vodafone Red Room
But I will talk about the famous Red Room and how I thought it happened this year compared to the one before. As they did last year, the sponsors, Vodafone, created an additional experience to the Ghana Music Awards by creating a VVIP section they called the Red Room.

This was where they entertained their own guests with music, food, wine and cocktails as swell as an opportunity to meet, greet and interact with the stars and other big artistes performing on the night as the show goes on in the main auditorium.
Simply put it’s the sponsors own way to let their VIPs experience some pampering and razzmatazz on Ghana’s biggest entertainment night.

As happened last year, some of those who would end up in the Red Room met at the Movenpick Hotel where they were chauffeur-driven to the Accra International Conference Centre and then escorted to the Red Room. I think that aspect of the whole caboodle of Red Room experience should be discontinued as folks don’t really patronize it much.

This year the Red Room experience itself was good: the ambience, the people, the food and the drinks were all superb just like the year before. However, the music could be better and there ought to be sound on the television for those in there to follow what happens in the auditorium.

Again this year some of the people in the Red Room were driven at some point to the Trade Fair to observe the Fan Park the sponsors had created for those who could not make it to the Conference Centre to watch the show on big screens with performing artistes passing through. The fan park was a brilliant idea but the drive through was unnecessary and needless.

In a nutshell, the Red Room experience was good and a great addition to the Ghana Music Awards, however I must say that I did enjoy the maiden one than this year. Perhaps it was because of the shock and awe of that maiden one or maybe it was done better then. Regardless, it was once again a very delectable and exciting experience and one I would love to partake in any other day!

Francis Doku/Graphic Showbiz

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