Pharmaid Ghana To Launch ‘Healthy You’ Campaign In Partnership With Aim Higher Africa, March 25

Aim Higher Africa, the international not-for-profit organization with a strong focus on social projects that seek to educate, inspire and empower the Africa is set to partner up with Pharmaid Ghana to launch the second edition of the Healthy you fair.

The healthy you fair, is a timely and innovative strategy at promoting health awareness among members of our community. The concept of the healthy you fair is designed as a health carnival so as to create a festive atmosphere that encourages a high level of active participation, learning and practical ways of providing health information.

The Healthy You Fair 2015 is primarily targeted at members of the Makola market and its immediate environs. However, although the primary target is the market traders, the fair is structured to cater for persons who are patronizing the market at the time of the event.

The main objective of the fair is to provide the market community especially the traders and core market folks with one big platform where they can access credible and accurate information pertaining to the majority of their diverse health concerns.

The event is set to take place on the 25th of March 2015 between 9am-5pm. The day will have various activities from Health screening, blood donation exercise, demonstrations, exhibitions and sales of health products, health education and counseling as well as raffle draws and giveaways.

Aim Higher Africa

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