Peter of P-Square professes undying love for Lola

Peter Okoye, a member of Nigerian music duo P-Square is in deep love and he is clearly not hiding it.

The music superstar took to social networking site; Twitter Tuesday to declare his undying love for Lola, the mother of his kids.

Lola Omotayo in January 2013 gave birth to their second child, a baby girl, Aliona, in a San Francisco hospital in the United States of America.

The couple’s first child, Cameron, was born on September 23, 2008.

He posted on twitter that he has grown to respect Lola due to fact that she accepted to be his woman when he had nothing.

“She accepted me wen i had nothing. Now dat i ve achieved a lot. Respect her 4 that. E no easy,” Peter noted.

Peter, who is a twin brother of Paul, also a member of P-Square, added that, “Met dis woman wen I had nothin… she’s a blessing 2 me…..shhhh Don’t talk like u knw her. Cos u don’t.”

Lola, Peter and Cameron

Lola, Peter and Cameron

His tweets are coming after Lola had described Peter, in an interview with PM News Nigeria on May 31, as “an amazing guy.”

According to her, “Peter has drive. He has vision and pursues it. He doesn’t let anybody distract him from that vision and that I saw in him, which a lot of people didn’t see.”

“I saw something very different and unique about Peter. I saw the goals he set for himself and how he accomplished those goals step by step, and I was very impressed with that. I also saw that he wasn’t a selfish person,” she noted.

Lola praised Peter for being “a generous person from the outset, even though he didn’t have much then, he was always generous. I like a man who is generous, not for the financial reason, but also to see how he can add value to other people’s lives; that is very important to me. He is also a good listener; he listens to people, listens to me…those are the things that attracted me to Peter. He’s an amazing guy.”

Fans of Peter have been left with an unanswered question for years now that is, when will he be putting a ring on the finger of the beautiful oil and gas executive?

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