Pete Edochie – I bought cars for all my six children

Parents have a huge responsibility of taking good care of their kids.

Education is of prime importance and veteran actor Pete Edochie has elaborated on how he motivated each of his six children to attain the highest level of education possible:

“I wanted to motivate them and keep them away from peer pressure. Parents must be able to motivate their children and set target for them. The minimum target for each of them was to graduate from higher institution; their reward upon graduation is a car. And where I come from, it is important to keep one’s word; I bought the car for each of them. Yul who is over 30 (pictured above) is the last born and he got his too.”

Pete Edochie also talked about the longetivity of his 45 years marriage to his wife:

“I married early and have remained married since then. What am I looking for a second wife for? I married a woman who gave me six children, what could I possibly be looking for in another woman that I didn’t get from this woman? There is no reason for it”

A great husband, dad, and actor. Bravo Pete Edochie!Pete Edochie

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