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Peace Hyde’s Aim Higher Africa secures partnership deal with Nasco Electronics

Aim Higher Africa, the specialist education not-for-profit organization with a focus on delivering quality educational training programs to enable and empower young people to achieve a better future has just secured a technology deal with “Nasco electronics” the affordable luxury electronics and tablets manufacturer.

The deal, which involves the exclusive use of the latest Nasco tablets, is valued at Cedis 200,000 and marks another milestone for the pre-eminent education charity who over the past 3 years have been instrumental in transforming the way students learn and teachers teach across Sub-Saharan Africa with the use of IT.

Through this partnership, Aim Higher Africa will continue to push its agenda of creating a digital learning environment with the hope of transforming impoverished communities through the power of information technology. Aim Higher Africa through this collaboration is launching the initiative IGNITE: Providing youngpreneurs the toolkit for life, which is focused on bringing to students, the entrepreneurial skills they need to transform their passion into business.

According to Peace Hyde, Founder of Aim Higher Africa, “I believe the next sphere of learning is in the digital environment. The tools and functionalities available to deliver quality-learning resources to both pupils and teachers are immense. What we are looking to do is to transform the way students absorb and process information using digital learning tools thereby creating a more interactive learning environment.”

Nour Sekloui, Managing Director of Electroland, The sole distributor For Nasco Electronic, asserts “we are proud to partner with Aim Higher Africa on the Ignite initiative. We believe the Ignite youngpreneurs toolkit for life classes are essential to create new business leaders for tomorrow’s generation and that is an initiative Nasco is extremely happy to endorse.”

The Program will be touring a number of selected education institutions over the coming weeks to educate, empower and inspire young people to achieve their fullest potential.

Peace Hyde and Nour Sekloui, Managing Director of Electroland

Peace Hyde and Nour Sekloui, Managing Director of Electroland

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