Pastor Okyeame Quophi says he regrets most of the “stupid” songs during Akyeame era

Former member of Akyeame, now Pastor Okyeame Quophi has regretted most of the songs he composed together with Okyeame Kwame then group member.

“Everything that anybody ever does at any point in their lifetime is good for the moment, it serves a particular purpose, it might be out of fashion now, but for the moment that the song was done it served a particular purpose, I regret some songs though, some were stupid songs and I don’t want to hear those songs anymore,” he told Giovanni and Anita Erskine on the Starr Drive.

Recounting the moment when he first heard the voice of God to do His work, Okyeame said he was called in 2015 to do the work of God and to reach out to the youth.

“I woke up on that fateful morning and I heard the voice of God clearly.

“God directed me to some particular chapters in the Bible that have been chosen [for me] to do a particular thing in life and this is the time. And I started asking questions and God put me on a Fastlane to what I have become now on call to the youth on the times we are right now, seek righteousness, make right choices, talk to people about God and bring them home,” Okyeame stated.

Pastor Okyeame Quophi

Pastor Okyeame Quophi

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