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Pastor Josh Laryea’s ‘Kane’ album in review

There is something to relish about an album that serves all your innate musical tastes from beginning to end; and leaves you with a little after thought to chew on.

TSEATAA [aka Josh Laryea]’s latest musical offering is that kind of masterpiece.

“Kane” is the ace gospel musician and minister of GOD’s eighth album, and the experience and skill shines through like the “LIGHT” he refers to on the LP’s title track, “Kane”.

Sang in “Ga” with doses of “Twi” and “English”, “Kane” combines inspiring lyrics delivered with true vocal style against a background of a soothing African melody.

Apart from being the title track, “Kane” carries through the central theme of the album which is, “bringing light to everyone’s darkness”.

The theme is carried into a softer melody in “Turning Around”. Track 2 is the kind that makes you tingle for more than one reason.

Impressive vocals, from both TSEATAA and his backing vocalists, and the soothing instrumental make this track an absolutely masterful production. Oh, and did I mention the horns that ring through the song? Simply amazing!

#Tip: this is a song you listen to twice at every play; and is perfect for your early morning inspiration.

Another song for your early morning dose of inspiration is found on TRACK 3; where TSEATAA treads dangerous lines as he invites highlife artiste, Kwabena Kwabena to lend his voice to the ‘good ol’ praise ballad, “Nyame B3y3.”

The collaboration is a breath of fresh air and works to perfection; “Nyame B3y3” is certainly a must listen.

It also the first four tracks on this album in which Tseataa does his rendition of popular Christian ballads; suffice to say, he executes each to perfection.

There is a joy in hearing a song you have always known, sound even better; and that’s exactly what Tseataa and his creative team have managed to achieve.

Josh Laryea

Josh Laryea

On track 4, is “Asafo Yehowa” followed by a truly beautiful rendition of praise song, “W’ayi” enhanced by the contribution of some very impressive backing choral vocals.

“Mama” is a slight detour from the central theme of the album, but no one will begrudge Tseataa, as he brings in NACEE on Track 6 to croon all mothers in this alluring piece that will put a smile on your mother’s face any day.

In the end, we all human and you cannot really blame Tseataa for falling prey to the humanly flawed thought that he can pull of anything musically. On track 8, he serves us a reggae version of “the Rivers of Babylon” featuring Dayanka that falls slightly out of place on this track list.

Whiles he delivers it with his usual vocal flair and skill, the song in itself does not quite fit in. However, just before you skip to track 8, hold on for just a bit, a beautiful female voice enters in the last verse, holds you captive and leaves you bumping to the bouncy reggae rhythm.

When you finally get to track 8 though, you are reminded all over again why this album is such a wonderful piece of work by a man who has shown once again that he is a master of his craft. Tseataa takes on “What a Friend My Jesus is” and gives it new lease of life with an awesome rendition.

Again, this song is deeply enhanced by a female singer who brings a stirring bit of emotion to the song to set it apart.

After a listen to this album, one is sure to realize that there’s indeed something to relish about an album that serves all your innate musical tastes from Track 1 to 8. Its gospel music for your every mood, no matter how many mood swings life throws your way.

After all, it is written, that with the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY on your side, YOUR LIGHT WILL ALWAYS SHINE THROUGH EVERY DARKNESS.

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