Parents Must Support Their Children To Go Into Dancing – Founder Of PNA Dance Squad Anita Josephine

PNA Dance Squad is one of Ghana’s hottest dance groups.

There are lots of professions that each and every one wants to do. The founder of the PNA Dance Squad, Anita Josephine sees dancing to be another profession one can take up as a full time business or job and therefore cannot be overlooked.

According to Miss Anita Josephine who is hugely recognized for her excellent and amazing dance moves in some popular Ghanaian music videos such as Lobi by R2Bees, Kpagam by 4×4, p3p33p3 by Criss Waddle, Seihor by Castro, Be Mine by Jupiter and many others realizes that the art of dance is entertaining and profitable not only here in Africa but the world at large as it enables one to showcase to the world her gift just as a doctor or footballer etc.

Hence children who find dancing to be a talent and therefore working towards improving and making a living from it should be given support by parents and the community at large.

The PNA Dance Squad has new faces of dancers with much energy and wish to be encouraged by others. The whole management in Ghana and in USA is making it possible to make this project a success.

PNA Dance Squad

PNA Dance Squad

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