Over 200 demos submitted for MTN Hitmaker

Judges of the MTN Hitmaker reality show have commenced the selection of demos for this year’s event.

With over 2000 demos collected since the launch of the show a month and a half ago, the judges are busy listening to the demos from every corner of the country.

Bessa Simons, a judge says “This year we are going to be very strict and firm so if you haven’t got what it takes to get on the big stage you will not be considered.

“We will try our best to keep to the timeline we have set but with over 2000 demos it will be difficult. I doubt if we can but we will try our best. We want to give everybody a fair playing field so will we try as much as possible to listen to every CD. The main idea is to get someone who deserves to be there.”

Out of the over 2000 demos collected, 150 contestants will be selected to come and sing without instrumentals after which 20 or 25 will be selected to compete with the 10 winners of the radio competition next week.

Ivan Quarshigah, Chief Executive Officer of Farmhouse Production, the producers of the show, said what accounted for the huge number of demos was due to the interest the competition has generated over the period.

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