OPINION: Treat Us With Respect Event Organizers

The fallout from the Adom FM-organized gospel show, ‘Adom Praiz’ which had American gospel icon, Kirk Franklin as headline act, has ignited yet another debate on how to and how not to treat event patrons right.

A lot has been said about this issue in the print and electronic media.

Let me point out that this article is not about Adom FM. Far from it. I’m making reference to the station because it is the newest to join the growing list of event organisers that leave people shaking their heads rather than applauding them for a wonderful show.

It is about how event organizers in Ghana sometimes take their ‘clients’ for granted at events. From ruffling patrons at the gates, to those with tickets not getting seats to relax their bums throughout the show (which sometimes travel for numerous hours), and to advertising artists who end up not showing up on stage or refusing to perform for one reason or another (some very petty), the trend is increasingly becoming worrying.

In the case of ‘Adom Praiz’ and the ‘excesses’, I heard the Head of Programmes (or event is it? whose name I can’t recall) on Joy FM, a day after the show, putting up a spirited defence of the issue. According to him, his station didn’t print or sell more tickets than what the Perez Auditorium could hold. That, the number of tickets sold was proportional to the capacity of the venue and wondered how those who didn’t get seats managed to enter the auditorium.

He was virtually impugning some ‘under hand’ ticket selling, adding that they had, as at Friday, directed all ticket outlets to stop sales because they’ve reached their limit.

Granted. How about a contingency plan to cater for the ‘excess’ patrons. It’s also heart- warming to hear an investigation will soon begin (or has began) to find out how this spillover of people occurred. Great.

The recently-held Ghana Meet Naija concert suffered a similar glitch. Some of the advertised artists couldn’t perform due to some reasons/issues, leaving fans disappointed.  At the last ‘Joy FM Night With The Stars’ some artistes also refused to perform on the grounds of ‘solidarity’ for another artist who was allegedly attacked by another artiste.

Truth is, most times event organizers may have done their bit to ensure a good show but somehow some of these negatives occur and leave them not knowing what to do. It however, is becoming too much, too many.

It is unlikely these situations could be done away with anytime soon but certain steps could be taken in that regard. For instance, the tickets must be sold not in excess. Yes, we all agree profit is the motivation but must it be at the capping of the pleasure a reveller seeks?

Again, venue is important and the nature of show determines where it should be hosted. An ideal venue for a huge show – a gospel show like Adom Praiz should have been the Sports Stadium. It isn’t like it’s something strange. Events, with lesser ‘integrity’ have been staged there.

Some weeks ago, a similar event was held there and passed without any glitch. The advantage is that the attendance will have enough ‘leg and body’ room and be at ease all night. It enures to the benefit of the event organiser – in the long run.

It’s time for event organizers to realize how crucial patrons are to any event, and must treat them well accordingly. It always pay to have a patron leave your event with a grin of satisfaction.

As they say if they are not there, you are also not there; so put your best foot forward always.

Or they are waiting for angry patrons to sue them?

Submitted by: Swaye Kidd, follow him on Twitter

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