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Online Real Estate Frontrunner meQasa Supports Agents with Free Branding

  Inspired by an amazing year and the commencement of the cheerful season of giving, meQasa, Ghana’s go-to online real estate search portal, is paying it forward with free brand identity assistance for real estate agents across the country. Throughout the holiday period, the company is offering to design professional logos for real estate agents and agencies to help them to better establish themselves as professionals that are serious about their businesses.

The influx of expatriates to Ghana, among other factors, has created an apparent boom in the real estate industry, in which numerous real estate agents are scrambling for a piece of the pie. Most of these agents make a 10% commission and the smartest of them understand they have to invest back in their own businesses through marketing. A logo is the basic visual mark that helps identify a brand and once one is established, other marketing materials can be created.

“Many real estate agents in Ghana do not have formal education in the industry and therefore may be lacking in effective ways of marketing their businesses. As home seekers desire to work with serious agents during their property search, it is important for these agents to project an expert image, so branding is key and we are here to help”, says Kelvin Nyame, CEO and co-founder of meQasa. Interested real estate agents can visit to request the complimentary design service and a representative from meQasa will reach out to them for a consultation session.

David Mensah, a real estate agent for Banco Real Estate, calls meQasa’s goodwill effort “exciting”, saying, “We’ve never had such free support before and after three years in business, this will be great for our company’s image.” Many agents like David use online housing search portals to try to find clients and sometimes leads are slow, possibly because of the absence of good corporate branding.

This marketing help benefiting real estate agents is hardly the last of support meQasa will be offering industry professionals. The company has near future plans to organise training sessions for real estate agents to better equip them with the requisite skills and tools needed to be successful in their business. is Ghana’s easiest way to rent, buy and sell property, offering a user-friendly online marketplace mutually beneficial to homeowners/landlords, home seekers and real estate agents alike.

 Free Logo for Agents

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