Online Dating: The naked truth about men


While looking for a way to try and cure my boredom, I decided to sign on to an online dating site and this time, actually stay on it to chat to a few people who may come my way. Yes I did. I have previously registered for a few of these sites but I was never really interested in meeting anyone there so I never got involved fully. Like uploading my pictures and actually chatting to people. Therefore, I didn’t have a clue about the things that happens on these sites.

I registered and uploaded some of my very favourite pictures to my knowledge. I described myself as well as I could to increase my chance of getting someone to chat with. I made sure to include all the necessary qualities I thought someone looking for a nice lady might go for.

Before I could say jack, I was on the roll, receiving emails about people who would like to meet me, people who sent flirting messages and so on. Though meeting a partner of any sort was never my intention, I wanted to experience the world of online dating, chatting to such complete strangers and some of the things people might get up to on these sites.

In no time, I received messages from people who claimed to want to know more about me, so I started replying to their messages. I gave these ‘hungry’ men the opportunity to ask me as much questions as they could think of and I answered them very honestly. Well, not so honest because I wasn’t trying to give away my address or anything too personal. Besides, I am not in the game for that.

I realised through my conversation with different people how much superficial these men were. Now, I have heard a lot of men complaining about how it was so difficult to meet good women and how women were more interested in what men had to offer in wealth than how they will treat them. Men claim you cannot find a woman who really likes you for who you are as compared to what you have. I came to realise during this week online how exact these men were to the women they complained about.

Why am I saying this you might ask? I realised whenever I answered a guy I stay with family, the tone of their conversations changed from flirtatious to very straight forward and uninterested to the point that some of them even stopped answering my messages. However, when I told them I lived alone, they got very flirtatious and so much interested that their next question was most at times a request for my number which I made them aware I wasn’t going to give it till I chat with them a lot more. These men will ask you first-hand what job you do. You will be surprised to know the job tittles also kept them either interested or not. The Nurses and Lawyers and Accountants and Social Worker position I gave to these my so called matches made the prospects of meeting these men a lot higher than my retail and hair dressing jobs. At one point, a guy offered to buy me hair and also fix me a weave because he was a hair dresser and that it would be free because I was looking like a model apparently. Really? Ironic, isn’t it? Because for a long time I thought men were not that interested in what a lady does for a living as long as she was independent but unfortunately I was wrong. I thought guys were more interested in how a lady acts than what she earned.

I am not basing this on just one person I spoke with. If I was, then we can say this information is not valid; but rather, I am talking about more than 10 men I had conversation with. Men and women of this our modern world are interested in the same things. Men want women who are independent, and so do women. Men are interested in a woman who can bring more to the table than the average woman can.

They want a woman who can support them financially and the same time be humble and feminine. They want a woman who can say a lot but shut up when they speak. They want a woman who can take control but the same way let things down for them. The perfect woman.

Well maybe I shouldn’t be saying these about men based on just a week online with a few. It could mean I just met the wrong type of men or even went on the wrong site. But as my instincts are aching for more information, I will be doing this again soon but this time, dig a lot deeper to see what I can find about our modern men online, so come and check out my profile guys. Lol.

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