Praye Tenten says no one has invited him to re-join Praye group

Praye Tenten

Praye Tenten

Three years ago, Praye Tenten was ‘pushed’ out of the Praye group for his gross insubordination, according to the remaining members of the group.

Another member of the group, Praye Honeho last week told Graphic Showbiz that, they missed their ‘exited’ member and are working around the clock to bring him back as the plan to celebrate their 10th anniversary in grand style.

But according to Praye Tenten, no one has invited him to re-join the group.

According to Graphic Showbiz;

Praye Tenten, the “cast-away” member of the Praye hiplife trio has described as a big lie, the sentiments that were expressed by the other two members of the group that they miss him and are making approaches to him to return to the fold, especially now that they are considering celebrating their 10th anniversary in grand style.

Last Week, Showbiz carried a story in which Praye Tietia and Praye Honeho said they missed Praye Tenten.

“Yes, we have missed him. It is like you being brothers and losing one, you will definitely miss him. If you even have a close sibling and he travels abroad, you will miss the person regardless of whatever your differences are”

“We think that 10 years of doing music is no mean feat and it is only fair that we invite Praye Tenten to join us as a group to celebrate.

Our management has already thrown the invitation to him but that is not an indication that we can’t do without him.” Praye Tietia told Showbiz.

But Praye Tenten has rebutted the claim. He told Showbiz last Saturday that it is not true that the other members of the group miss him as they claim they do.

“Why hasn’t any of them called me if they claim they miss me? Why do they avoid my calls all the time? I just heard they would be celebrating their 10th year in music and all I can say is to wish them luck but no one has invited me.”

To Praye Tenten, his former colleagues want him back to promote their music as they celebrate a decade in their music career and not necessarily inviting him to be part of the group.

Asked whether he would honour the invitation should he be invited to join in the celebration and possibly stay with the group, Praye Tenten said the only thing that would make him do that is when his former colleagues render an apology to him for asking him to exit the group and also pay him the money both of them owe him.

“Both of them owe me money which they have not paid me yet and I need it. More so, I have a personal manager who is still investing in me since I left the group three years ago. If they are willing to do just these basic things why not, I will join the group” he said.

Although Praye Tenten has also not had any major hit since he left the group, he noted that it has not been easy trying to make an impact going solo but he believes time will tell.

“I now have a new manager who is working tirelessly to get me up there and I believe my hard work will pay off one day. It has not been easy without the two but I know one day I will make an impact with my music,” he said.

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