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On what moral grounds is 5Five ‘Gargantuan Body’ video off TV?

5FiveWe find it interesting that in 2013 we as a people have still not shaken off this archaic mentality where our very obsolete cultures continues to influence the decisions we take in the modern technological work.

Why would some Television stations in this Ghana refuse to show the 5five gargantuan body with the very lame excuse that it is full of graphic?

This excuse we find laughable considering the kinds of movies that we watch and the language of people on live TV. It becomes more interesting when I see videos of Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Vybz Cartel, Movado and even Daddy Lumber’s HONEY video being shown on live TV with more or same level of graphics not to talk about the language.

On what moral or legal grounds was this decision taken and were the artistes or any artistes in Ghana aware of a standard they are required to meet before their videos can be aired? Are we also going to censor the live performances some of which are completely unacceptable?

If it’s because people are complaining, what about the majority of us who are not complaining, how about showing it at certain times of the day when children are not watching, or putting up warning messages before the video is aired

In 2013 we should be figuring out how to deal with these kinds of things head on and stop running away from responsibility…as for banning a video everyone can do but will it stop people from producing them or will it stop the people on whose behalf we take these decisions from checking it up online…especially when everybody has a phone and can access the internet easily.

Programs Managers, the NCA and all responsible should come with a regulation and stop choosing the easy way which at the end affects someone’s livelihood and also infringes others human rights.

I believe this video and the song as well gives people heavily endowed a sense of pride different from the norm where fat people are teased and called names or even sidelined when there is talk of beauty; especially when we are always talking about adult education, arts and culture and stigmatization.

It’s time we start dealing with this in a smart way and find positives in what on the face looks negatives.

By Kojo Smith

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