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Omoni Oboli celebrates dear friend who died a week ago in plane crash

Omoni-Oboli-October-12-africanmoviesnews-445x306Death can be really devastating and the pain it leaves behind often times lingering for years.

A week ago, there was an unfortunate plane accident in Nigeria that killed several souls including a dear of Omoni Oboli named Ayodeji Falae. The unfortunate incidence has left families grieving for their loved ones and so to commemorate his death and his birthday which fell on October 9th, Omoni had this tribute for him:

“Death took you Deji, a few days to your birthday. God knows best. Father you are worthy of our praise.

Happy Birthday! RIP! Forever in our hearts.

Happy birthday Deji, you would have been a year older today. We remember you dear friend. RIP!”


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