Okyeame Kwame’s ‘Mere Twen Wo’ | The Story Of Waiting In Vain

So Okyeame Kwame’s new single Mere Twen Wo seem to have gotten the public talking as the message resonates with the contemporary guy who waits in anticipation to receiving a lady guest and yet his hopes are dashed.

It espouses what it feels like for a guy to receive for the first time a lady he’s long admired as guest home.

Mere Twen Wo, an Akan expression which literarily translates Waiting for you was released November 2014 and is the Rap Doctor’s first reggae single; a feat that lends credence to his Mr. Versatile prowess.

Listening to the song arouses a sense of humour especially among young guys who are thrown into laughter as one ponders over what preparations he puts in place in anticipation of receiving a lady guest in the house.  Okyeame-Kwame_mere twen wo artwork_new

From cleaning and rearranging stuffs in the room, to taking a shower, wearing a good perfume, having a ‘’mentos-like’’ flavour in the month and frequently checking how fast time was approaching as depicted by the song are some hustles a young man goes through while preparing to receive a lady guest.

The video clip accompanied the song a few months after its release. With its artistry blend of locations including the Rap Doctor’s home, the beach and the streets, one is able to grasp at a goal the full message of the song.

We see from the beginning, Okyeame Kwame wakes up from a dream he had about a young lady he sees in town and with whom he’s fallen in love hoping that she was going to be his guest the said day.Mere Twen Wo (Waiting For You) - Okyeame Kwame

His eagerness and willingness to impress the lady led him into cleaning up and remaking things in the house. But it appears the hopes and dreams of a young and ambitious man were to be dashed after all, as when he was opened to the realities, the lady was in love with someone much older than him.

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Watch Mere Twen Wo video

Submitted by Charles Akrofi

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