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Okyeame Kwame talks about nudity in music videos

body_bannedSéx sells, that’s what most music marketers say. If you look at music videos in Africa, 90% of them have some séx gyrating women in jeggings and in bikinis swinging their hips from left to right and back to left.

In fact, sometimes these videos can give you pleasure and pain depending on the time you are watching it. It is a fact that, nudity has been in music since the inception of popular arts. But it is also a fact that, African artistes intensify the use of these séxual elements after Hip Hop became popular in Africa.

The question I always ask myself is: Is this subjective use of women in these videos related to our culture or musicians are just doing because of Hip Hop urbanization or simply because séx sells? The purpose of this piece is to find out if you have noticed that, séx [subjective use of women] is all around us. In pictures, in paintings, in sculptures, on the streets, in movies and in fact at everywhere.

Is it that we are happy to see these semi-naked women everywhere, but hate it when they are in music videos? Or is there any difference in semi-naked woman during Bragoro and Dipo and the girls in the music videos?

I think all of us are hypocrites. We are all made by the Almighty God to enjoy séx but we just do not want it in POP CULTURE especially in MUSIC VIDEOS.

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