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Kwadee, the not-too-long-ago favourite lyricist of Ghanaian hiplife music who has been battling a mental illness for the past couple of years, is missing. The two people who should know his whereabouts say they cannot tell the exact location of the Ka Wo Nan To So hitmaker.

Kwadee’s mother, Cecilia Sakia, who claims not to have seen his son in almost three years is accusing his close pal, Eric Agyeman popularly known as “Jay Luu”  of preventing her from seeing her son. Agyeman also claims that he had not set eyes on Kwadee since he saw him off to Kumasi sometime ago.

In a heated and long-winding argument on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review programme two Saturdays ago, the two spoke about various efforts they had made to bring Kwadee back to health, which have not been totally successful.

According to Madam Sakia, anytime Kwadee left her custody for Agyeman’s place, her son’s mental illness emerged because he had the opportunity to take drugs.

She said that even though she initially believed that Eric was offering the necessary assistance to his son, later events disclosed that he had other motives  for his own personal gain.

“I quite remember that some time ago when I came to Accra, I pestered Eric to take me to go and see my son who was then staying at Lomnava. I must admit that I broke down in tears and felt so sorrowful at the sight of my son because he had emaciated so much that you could even see his bones” she stated.

Madam Sakia claimed that when she finally sent him to the hospital, Eric went to take him from the hospital without her permission and she has not seen her son since then.

“What is the essence of taking care of somebody when the mother is always sorrowful and not happy about it?” she queried.

But in a rebuttal, Eric Agyemang denied all the allegations and blamed Kwadee’s mother for all her son’s woes which he said has resulted in the hiplife artiste not receiving the necessary assistance from his close associates because of the mother’s troublesome attitude.

According to him, he had offered the needed assistance to Kwadee as a friend and old schoolmate of Kwadee just like his younger brother but his mother is not appreciative.

He said that since the beginning of Kwadee’s illness, he had been with the mother and family throughout the difficult times to get the needed treatment for him but Madam Sakia’s behaviour had always been a thorn in his flesh .

Mr. Agyeman disclosed that even though Kwadee’s mother was initially in supportive of his involvement in Kwadee’s treatment, her attitude immediately changed when he informed her that he was in possession of the documents covering Kwadee’s car and house.

“Since then, this woman has reported me to places of higher authority including the Regional Crime Police Office, Regional Commander and Legal Aid but that didn’t deter me from taking care of him. I don’t know why she cannot approach her son personally or call him personally but would call at every given opportunity to ask me to bring her son to her when I don’t even know his whereabouts?” he asked.

“How can she say that I am hiding her son? Where am I hiding him? In a box or where? How can I fight with somebody’s family over their relative? I only assisted Kwaadee out of sympathy and brotherly love. I don’t even know why she is still accusing me because I have told her that her son is not with me. Right now, I have left him just as he came to visit me as a friend and so if she doesn’t know her son’s whereabouts, then I don’t know either” he added.

Just before going to press, Showbiz learnt that Kwadee has been seen around Dome Kwabenya in Accra  in the company of some fellow hiplifers.

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