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“Obrafour Is A Prophet, Okomfour Kwaadee Is A god”

Fast-rising poet/songwriter, Nenebi, has compared two of Ghana’s finest lyricists of all-time, Obrafour and Okomfour Kwaadee. He made this claim in an interview with esteemed showbiz journalist, Francis Doku. The Ada-based writer/performer had earlier named Okomfour Kwaadee, Kanye West and himself as his biggest creative influences.

Mr. Doku wondered why Okomfour and not Obrafour, who Sarkodie, Pappy Kojo and M.anifest among others have named as their biggest influence, was not his. He replied saying, “Obrafour is a prophet, Okomfour Kwaadee is a god.” When asked to explain his stance, he said, “Okomfour Kwaadee is creatively more adventurous and he preached without sounding too preachy.”

Conducted on social network Twitter, the interview was organized to mark the online release of Nenebi’s first single, No Explanation. Dubbed #ThursdayTwitterView, Nenebi used his twitter handle, @HisNeneness  while Mr. Doku used his, @TheGHMediaGuru in the course of the interview which lasted a little over an hour.

The video for the single, directed by Kobi Rana, was released on youtube in the course of the interview. An earlier version of the song, No Explanation, was available on Nenebi’s 2014 mixtape, A B.I.B.L.E of Things We Do. The version released on Thursday, July 23rd, is the first single off his upcoming album, See Me Naked, scheduled for a September 21st, 2015 release. NENEBI (from the No Explanation soot)_opt

The content of the interview is as below…

Francis Doku: Let’s start by telling me a bit about yourself?

Nenebi: My government is Anthony Owura-Akuaku, 25. I’m from and live in Ada and I attended St. Peters Snr High

Francis Doku: How was growing up for you like

Nenebi: I grew up around Ghana, mostly in Kumasi. I hated school but I loved books. I was a loner.

Francis Doku: And how has being a loner shape up your creative juices, if indeed it did?

Nenebi: I don’t know how it has. I think it’s the reason I’m not scared to be different and stand out.

Francis Doku: Growing up, what did you aspire to be?

Nenebi: That changed often till I was about 12. Since JSS, I wanted to be like Francis Doku and Obour.

Francis Doku: Lol. So you ended up as a writer for a paper/magazine edited by Verus Nartey. How did that happen?

Nenebi: Pretty simple. I was working for Obour, interviewed him and he asked if I wanted a job.

Francis Doku: Working for Obour as what?

Nenebi: On a Youth Icons project and also on his bio. We’ve been working on his bio for a while now

Francis Doku: Great. Now tell me who your biggest influence is, creative wise.

Nenebi: lol. Kanye West, Okomfour Kwaadee and myself. I do what I want that no one else is doing.

Francis Doku: Obrafour has been an inspiration to many young artistes. Sarkodie, Pappy Kojo, etc not you?

Nenebi: Obrafour is a prophet, Okomfour Kwaadee is a god. Maybe because I love the art of storytelling

Francis Doku: “Obrafour is a prophet, Kwaadee is a god. Maybe because I love the art of storytelling” how?

Nenebi: Okomfour Kwaadee is creatively more adventurous and he preached without sounding too preachy

Francis Doku: What would you say is your craft?

Nenebi: I’m a creative writer. I do anything creative I feel like. I call what I do afropop poetry.

Francis Doku: So you are poet, not a rapper?

Nenebi: Yes, even though I’m very influenced by rap music, I’m a poet.

Francis Doku: Great. What form does your poems take and how many published poetic works do you have in your catalogue?

Nenebi: Performing art. I released a mixtape last year with 12 works. And I’m releasing a new video today.

Francis Doku: Tell me about #NoExplanation

Nenebi: The video for it was directed by Kobi Rana.

Francis Doku: I have watched the video. Good directional work. What is the message in the video?

Nenebi: A lot, I’d prefer people learn whatever they want from it. What do you think is the message?

Francis Doku: Treating your woman right is my takeout. #NoExplanation is the first of how many? When is the album out?

Nenebi: It was written in the opening scene, September 21st.

Francis Doku: How are you promoting #NoExplanation? How can it be accessed?

Nenebi: Here’s the youtube link …. The promo plan is my trade secret

Francis Doku: What is your ultimate ambition in this area of profession you have chosen?

Nenebi: To do for poetry what Reggie Rockstone did for rap in Ghana, to be able to fill stadia.

Francis Doku: Wish you all the best. Any last words?

Nenebi: Thanks for doing this with me and thanks for inspiring me. The future has begun. #NoExplanationvlcsnap-2015-07-23-16h04m23s132_opt

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