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Obrafour brags: I am still the best

Obrafuor now Obrafoforo

Obrafuor now Obrafoforo

The Rap Sofo who wants to be known now as Obrafoforo, said his absence from the music scene is not because he had become a spent force but he had to keep a low profile due to ill health.

In an interview with Showbiz last week, Obrafoforo said “yes I have been missing for some time but I am still the best. I haven’t been very well but thank God I am fine now. I haven’t done any new songs but just listen to the choruses I have done for musicians like Sarkodie, Lousika among others and that should tell anyone that I am still good at what I do. Infact, I am still the best.”

Obrafoforo, known for hit songs like Pae Mu Ka, Asem Sebe, Tofa, Ntetee Pa and Heavy  said he is currently in the studio and almost done with 25 tracks for his up- coming album due out by the end of the year. The album which will be his seventh, features Lousika, Sarkodie and Edem .

Touching on his change of name, Obrafoforo said it has become necessary because he wants to draw closer to God. “I have come to realise that the name Obrafour, meaning an executioner, will not  help me anymore.  Now that I want to spread the word of God through my music, Obrafoforo is more appropriate.”

Asked if he would follow the likes of Lord Kenya and Ofori Amponsah, both secular musicians who have gone gospel since encountering God, Obrafoforo, a father of two said he was not going gospel because he had seen God.

“My songs have never been profane so there is no need to go gospel. I have been singing since childhood and I like the fact that Ghanaians have come to like my style of music. I’ll still do rap music but it will be solely based on winning souls for Christ,” the Pae Mu Ka hit-maker said.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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