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Obour Hot Over MUSIGA Cash

ObourWeeks after the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) organized the Ghana Music Week Festival, the union’s president, Bice Osei Kuffuor aka ‘Obour’ and his team of executive members have not been able to account for expenditure that went into the festival.

Despite persistent calls on President Obour and his team to explain how much money was raised through sponsorship, how much was used for the festival and how much was left, the organizers have simply refused to be accountable, fueling suspicion that something untoward may have gone on.

George William Dickson, Central Regional Chairman for MUSIGA, is the latest to question the union over the budget of the just ended music event.

“I wanted to know which sponsorship package was available and how much money was given to the group for the celebrations but my president could not answer,” Dickson stated on Peace FM’s Entertainment Review show.

“Obour called me for a meeting and told me that some people had informed him that I was creating problems for him by questioning how much was budgeted and spent on the event and that he does not want to have any evil intentions about me. When someone tells you this, what does he mean?” Dickson quizzed.

According to William Dickson, his life had been threatened because he raised genuine concerns about the event that any reasonable person would have raised.

“I also questioned why the monies which were allocated to the various regions were inadequate and after all this, I have been branded public enemy number one.”

Meanwhile, in reaction to all of these allegations, the president of MUSIGA admitted that the issues raised by the Central Regional Chairman were very legitimate but because of how MUSIGA had been structured, it was difficult to address them.

“Until the finance finishes its report, I cannot say anything straight from my head. The sentiments being talked about here were expected but everyone should relax. In a week or two we will release the report of the Ghana Music Week and all the finances will be there,” Obour noted.


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