Nollywood Director arrested for using drones

Obi Emelonye

Obi Emelonye

Excellent Film making requires advanced technology.

In Hollywood, cameras are used from different angles to be able to capture scenes properly and project the desired final product for viewers. Unfortunately, the lack of resources has hampered such progress in Nollywood.

Award winning film director Obi Emelonye who directed both ‘Mirror Boy’and ‘Last Flight To Abuja’ has been arrested for taking aerial shots of Lagos using drone cameras and has been taken into custody. Camera drones are a relatively cheap way for filmmakers to take aerial shots, some as low as $1,000.

Just before being taken into custody, he had this to say:

“Just been arrested with my team from the UK by Lagos TV for taking aerial shots of Lagos around Shoprite Ikeja; using remote helicopters. As a media house they should understand what we are trying to do. But they want to put me in jail for making Lagos look great. I am resigned to my fate and allowed God to take control. Challenges we face in trying to grow the industry. Pray for me and pray for Nigeria. #free-obi”. are planning to use drones for making delivery of packages to customers, Facebook and Google planning to use drones to make internet available for citizens in low incomes countries. So why should a film director who is using a drone be arrested?

Phantom Vision Drone


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