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Nollywood actors rocking beards: Are they better with or without facial hair?

Jibola Dabo

Jibola Dabo

There’s something about man face fuzz that just lights up the world and makes everything seem all right. Beards can be epic for several reasons. Whether it has  great length or girth or the actor  simply has a great face to wear one on, beards can transform boys into men and actors into stars. With a great beard, comes great responsibility.  HVP takes a crucial look at  some bearded Nollywood actors who have sported the look for more than 10 years.

Jibola Dabo who is currently eyeing politics has unique characteristics that distinguish him from every other actor. The grey bearded veteran actor has sported this look for long as you can remember.

According to those who are close to him, he started growing facial hair at a very young age. Today, he has carved out unique identity for himself as a bearded actor.

But what will it cost him to shave off the beard? One  doubts, however, if Dabo like Pete Edochie would ever subscribe to shaving off his beard for any price. He has such gorgeous bone structure and the beard takes away from that. Most of his roles in movies, which are reflective of his facial hair could be frightening.

Desmond Elliot

‘I started growing beard about  7 months ago’ Desmond Elliot  is one of the few handsome actors who look better without a beard, yet he often seems to be sporting one all the same.

Though he  looks great and attractive with a beard, most of his fans prefer to see him wear a clean shaved face. With his  baby face, the beard gives him a more mature, more distinguished look that really works for him.

The actor, told HVP that he started growing beard about seven months ago. And this is because, apart from not having time to shave, he also wants to wear a different look. For the handsome actor, it wouldn’t cost him anything to get rid of his beard.

Pete Edochie

‘I can’t shave off my beard even for $1m’Apart from his wife and children, Pete Edochie’s most cherished possession today is his beard.

Being one of Africa’s most talented and respected actors, Edochie’s beard which has eventually become his trademark is as old as the man himself. As far back as 1980s, when he played the lead role of Okonkwo in an NTA adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s all time best selling novel, “Things Fall Apart’, Edochie had started growing beard.

He was quoted as saying in one of his interviews that he would never shave off his beard even for a million Dollars. “Even for a million dollars, I will not shave off my beard. If you pay me such money and I accept, then I would get out of the industry after the movie,” he declared

Emeka Ai

Emeka Ani is another actor with an awesome and intimidating look. Though he has distinguished himself as one of Nollywood’s bearded stars, Ani’s beard has become an integral part of his being.

He started growing beard long before he featured in Igwe Gabosky’s movie, “Battle of Musanga”in the 90s. His   roles in movies are principally based on his facial outlook.Watching most of Ani’s films, one is bound to be  confronted with the actor’s ability to interprete such frightening roles as a native doctor, a  mad man or occult Grand Master. But while more and more actors are starting to sport beards, Ani’s still stands out.

His beard is part of his image even though it makes him look a human with extraordinary and unusual capabilities to do the unexpected. But one thing that is certain is that wearing facial hair gives one a mature, stylish, artsy, rugged, sexy, bold and distinguished look.

Source: Vanguard NGR

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