Nobody Takes Responsibility In Ghana – Yvonne Okyere On Independence Day Brochure Debacle

Actress, Yvonne Okyere has taken a very strong-position regarding the Independence Day brochure debacle that brought international ridicule and embarrassment to the country.

Speaking on Ghana’s number one entertainment and lifestyle show, Celebrity Fanzone last Saturday on Viasat1, the actress cum lawyer suggested that the error-ridden Independence Days’ brochure was a reflection of the true state of affairs in Ghana.

“Nobody takes responsibility in this country. Nobody is ever held accountable in this country. The ISD director detected the errors quite early and could have taken the necessary steps to fix but he didn’t,” she stated.

During the week, pressure group, Occupy Ghana also joined in the fight to ensure that public officials are held accountable for their actions.

Yvonne Okyere on Celebrity Fanzone on Viasat1

Yvonne Okyere on Celebrity Fanzone on Viasat1

They demanded answers to a series of questions, notably;

Was the PPA’s approval obtained, and if so, may we have a copy of any letter to that effect? Was a contract entered into with the company with the winning bid, and if so, may we have a copy of the signed contract?

Yvonne’s call for accountability is not only restricted to the “brochure saga” as she disclosed during the show that, she had initiated a legal action against KLM Royal Dutch Airlines for an alleged discrimination by KLM’s cabin crew member which took place on 15th February 2015.

We celebrated International Women’s Day few days ago and it is encouraging to see that young African women are standing up for their rights and also getting involved in the developmental discourse of this country.

You can watch a repeat broadcast of Celebrity Fanzone on Viasat1 Ghana, Wednesday at Midday.

Yvonne Okyere on Celebrity Fanzone on Viasat1

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