No Tribe to play ‘Moses’ at AB Crentsil show?

Nacy (left) and Lord Osei of No Tribe

Nacy (left) and Lord Osei of No Tribe

It has been the tradition for guest acts to render songs composed  by the featured celebrity at the Legends and Legacy (LAL) Ball and the buzz in town is that the No Tribe gospel group will play AB Crentsil’s Moses at the show.

AB Crentsil is the legend being celebrated this year at the event  sponsored by MTN. He has a wide repertoire of songs with Moses as one of the tracks he is best known for.

The song, in a typical AB Crentsil humour-coated manner,  narrates the story of the migration of the Israelites out of Egypt under the leadership of Moses. It is a slow-paced,  groovy song replete with sparkling  imagery  from everyday life.

Despite the massive admiration for the song, there are folks who think Crentsil took too much liberty with his comparison between Biblical  and temporal situations. Some even see the song as outright profane.

Artistes expected to feature at MTN LAL Ball include Efya, Kwabena Kwabena, Castro, Sherifa  Gunu, King Ayisoba and the  No Tribe dynamic gospel.

Nobody   is  clear about how it started but word has gone round that No Tribe is the act to handle the famous Moses song. The expectation is that No Tribe would do its own ‘cleaner’  version of Moses.

No Tribe  has been around since 2006. It’s first album, The Altar, shot them to fame. The good-standing was made firmer by the second album, Three which contained the popular Bohye.

The group’s founder, Nacy, vehemently denied that they were preparing for Moses. He said the song may have its merits in terms of arrangement  and production but that was not the piece they were preparing for the show.

“It is only a rumour that we are doing Moses. I laughed out loud when I realised  people were virtually putting us on the spot by suggesting that we have decided to doMoses,” Nacy said.

“We are sorry to disappoint them but there are so many other  well-crafted AB Crentsil songs to choose from. We have selected something we think is less controversial and the audience would love how we would treat it.”

Despite the denial, some music fans still think No Tribe would play Moses as a surprise for the audience on November 30 at the Accra International Conference Centre

The group has dropped hints of a new album being released by March next year.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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