No politics for Jay Ghartey now

Vodafone Ghana Music Award winner Jay Ghartey has disclosed that he is not ready to participate in politics because he wants to be a peace maker.

The “My Lady” hit maker shared that he is not ready to jeopardize his music career with politics.

He explained that he as musician finds politics very dividing and if he should partake in it now, it might affect his music career and to a large extent loose his fans.

“As of now I would not personally want to do that maybe in the future it is definitely a possibility but at this time I am not going to put my career into that at this moment because I think it’s too much division.”

However Jay Ghartey commended his colleagues who are pursuing their political ambitions and also added that he personally sees nothing wrong with that besides its their right and especially if they want to cause a change in society.

“I definitely support any celebrity who wants to for office himself because I think that every Ghanaian has the right to pursue a political ambition, there is nothing wrong with that and especially if they want to make a difference in the community and the country, I think its fine if they pursue a political ambition.” He explained.

Jay Ghartey further stated that he might consider participating in active politics in near future but as of now he wants to be a peace maker.

“I want to be a peace maker so I don’t want to really be taking sides at this time maybe in the future if I believe in something I can change my mind.” 

Jay Ghartey has collaborated with almost every influential artiste in Ghana and keeps putting nation on the international map through his music.

By Nii Ayi Mensah Lartey

Jay Ghartey

Jay Ghartey

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