No juju in Ghana Music – Reggie Rockstone

Reggie Rockstone

Reggie Rockstone

Musician, Reggie Rockstone has ridiculed the role of dark arts in music success. He does not believe there are spiritual powers that can influence listeners’ preferences.

Reggie, who was speaking on the KFM music countdown, told host Kwame Scientific “to me that sounds almost borderline ridiculous because what juju could be so powerful to affect the whole world through music. If black men really have that juju we should have used it during the slave trade and we would have never got here. I don’t think they have that sort of power.”

He however believes people consult spiritualists for all manner of successes but doubts that any results are achieved.

“It is possible for people to consult juju men, who take their money and sell them something that’s not real”.

The Grandpapa of Hiplife also revealed some trade secrets to Kwame Scientific. He says great songs are made when there is great inspiration. He says he doesn’t say anything unless he has something to say and adds that his most successful songs are those he makes from the heart.

He however admits heartily he “also makes pure bullshit music just for the dance floor.”

The Glo X-factor judge also attributes his music success to the humor he inculcates in his songs.

He advises wannabes to be candid about their level of talent by careful assessment and then hone their talents through constant practice and perseverance. When asked when he intends “dropping” another track, Reggie answered bluntly he is not interested in making music now but rather enjoys talking about music. He however says he will release a song whenever he is inspired.


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