Nkem Owoh and Funke Akindele return to school!

Nkem, Funke on location

Nkem, Funke on location

Two Nollywood actors, Nkem Owoh of Osuofia fame and Funke Akindele of Jenifa block buster are arguably the two best comic acts in the trade right now. Both of them have come to change the old-fashion, bloated, clown-like looks of comic acts of old and have entrenched their brands which have caught on with viral effect. Now, imagine the duo being starred alongside each other; I mean, Osuofia and Jenifa in a movie.

Both of them are currently on set together, shooting a yet to be released and named movie as school children. Maybe, it’s hard to imagine Osuofia being cast as a primary school pupil but Jenifa may just fit in but then where is the comedy going to be, if not having two overgrown adults, probably with arrested development, mingling with children, probably smarter than them.

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