Nigerian Comedian Bovi To Headline ‘A Night Of 1020 Laughs And Music’ With Foster, Osama, Sam & Song, August 1

In the initial stages of the Stars Of The Future Reality Show, where there was a search for people with talents in music and comedy, one star was discovered, Foster.

Many remember him now as one of the best comedians in Ghana but very few remember that he was discovered on the Stars of the Future platform. Since his appearance on that show, foster has endeared himself in the hearts of many as one of the Ghana’s top comedians.

He is noted for his stage productions that leave patrons laughing non-stop for over two hours. We all know how foster’s jokes can make you laugh till you cry, now hold that thought, add his friends to the mix and what you would most certainly need is an extra set of ribs.

The 1000 Laughs Series is noted for its quality of comedy and for 10 years the quality of comedy has remained undiluted. This time with the same undiluted comedy level, the bar has been taken a notch higher because it is the 20th edition. This makes the 1000 laughs and music series the longest running comedy series in Ghana.

With this milestone in mind, the comedians are geared up and ready to make the 20th edition memorable. Foster and his friends are a hilarious combination, a combination that brings you non-stop laughter.

As if this hilarious combination was not enough, Charterhouse, organizers of the 1000 Laughs Series are adding Bovi who is not new to the laughs stage as regular patrons will definitely remember his innocent looking face and gestures that send you laughing even before he opens his mouth.

Also making return to the laughs stage will be Osama, don’t let his serious look fool you he has a way with words that will leave you reaching out for your handkerchief.

A bonus of two other acts new to the laugh stage has been thrown-in. Sam and Song will prove to us why two comedy heads are better than one and Acapella may be the person to show us what laughter and music have in common.

You have been warned, you will need an extra set of ribs and a stack of handkerchiefs. With these comedians on stage you are guaranteed a night of non-stop and side-splitting laughter.

The fun and excitement is expected to reach its peak on the night as 20 patrons will receive surprise gift packages. This is to commemorate the 20th edition of the longest running comedy series in Ghana.

A night of 1020 Laughs and Music is slated for 1st August 2015 at the AICC. A night of 1020 laughs and music is produced by Charterhouse with support from GhOne Entertainment TV, Airport West Hotel, Kasapreko, Mentos and proudly sponsored by MTN.Facebook Normal Post (2)_opt



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