Nick Cannon says he’s not voting for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, says the race has become a popularity contest

TV host, actor, rapper Nick Cannon is not voting in the upcoming American elections. The San Diego native in an interview ith CNN said, the face has become a popularity contest. He accused both Hillary and Donald of only arguing with other and forgetting the real issues affecting America.

“Absolutely [I’m voting]. I’m not voting for those two people [Clinton or Trump], at this point. To me, I truly believe that the presidential race is about a bunch of pageantry. It’s a popularity contest. They’re so focused on arguing with each other [as] opposed to the real issues that are going on in everyday America. They like to deal with what they call the hot-button topics but the things that people in these disenfranchised communities — who are really looking to their leaders to change something — they’re not speaking on any of those issues.”

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Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon

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