New Year Trends In Repositioning Your Fashion Brand

It is a new year and I know many of us have already written down our personal goals for the year. It is also important to renew or set new goals to build and expand our fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands.

This year will see more new brands emerging in the industry to match up existing and established ones. It is prudent to position your brand advantageously for opportunities that will not just create visibility for your brand but drive sales as well. Here are few trends to guide us in the New Year as we set out to grow and expand our brand.

Invest in developing your brand

Whether it’s a new business or an existing one, you need to start investing in developing the brand from its current state. One of the many challenges our Ghanaian fashion brands have had is the likes of new and emerging brands churning out every day and stay up only for a few number of years and then suddenly disappear.

If you want to see your brand grow, then you should start growing your customer base and improving your customer experience, your brand presence both online and offline, improve the quality and finishing of your garments and expanding to other markets. This will position your brand advantageously against your competitors.

Take advantage of social media opportunities

Social media has become one of the ideal platforms to promote multiple brands to a wide a varied customer base. In this era, it is evident that there are enormous advantages that abound on the internet as a result of technology which plays a major role in helping brands stay relevant all time.

There will continue to be an increased usage of these platforms by several other competing brands. Identify which of these platforms better works for your brand be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc. See how you can maximize these platforms to engage your potential and existing clients to gain some traction for your brand.

Engage your stakeholders

Every individual your product or brand comes into contact with is very important to how your brand will be perceived. Going into 2017, try as much as possible not to be laid back in your dealings with your existing and potential clients, staff, vendors, influencers etc.

Engage them in the best way to maintain mutual relationships and obtain feedback. Also, their encounter with your brand should give them an experience that they can relate to and one that resonates their emotional connection with your brand.

Earn your spot in the media

Media placement in which ever form could serve a great deal for your brand in 2017. Pitch your new products, events, initiatives to the right fashion editors and bloggers in order to gain publicity and press coverage for your event.

Several mentions in the media can serve as a leverage point to gain and access several new and potential clients. Earn your spot by engaging in activities or initiatives that are newsworthy.

Just like previous years, this year will see several other new and emerging brands and names entering the market targeting the same clients as you are. Fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands are going to get very aggressive this year.

It will serve your own interest and that of your business to position your brand in a position that will offer maximum opportunities for your brand growth and advancement.  With all these in place, I know 2017 will see significant growth in your brand. Let’s have a fashionably prosperous New Year.

By Faith Senam Ocloo

The writer is the founder of E’April Public Relations, a boutique PR firm. Senam is a fashion public relations specialist with interest in fashion, beauty and lifestyle. She can be reached on +233272686959,, @senamapril on Instagram and @faithsenam on Twitter.

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