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NEW VIDEO: Over and Under – M.anifest

Rapper M.anifest has dropped video for “Over and Under” off his “Immigrant Chronicles” album. The video was directed by Rodney Quarcoo of RQV Photos and Edited by LOVECINÉ FILMS.


Hook: M.anifest]
feel over and under under and over
The weight of the world crumbling my shoulders
Dealing with stress with a four leaf clover
Over and under under and over
Over and under under and over
The weight of the world burdening my shoulders
Dealing with stress with a four leaf clover
Over and under under and over

[Verse 1: M.anifest]
Climbing a slippery slope, leaning on hope
Grab my winter coat, fucking winter ain’t no joke
Choking on tears that are freezing in the cold
I’m bleeding my pain and my rage on the page
Got a bus pass cause my whip got towed
So strapped for cash but I’m still getting blown
I kid you not plus my little kid getting grown
I get props but need more revenue for my poems
Women like the art put they numbers in my phone
I broke a few hearts but they still wanna bone
I feel like Michael Jackson just leave me the fuck alone
I’m sick and tired of all that jazz, Jerry Sloan
All that glitters ain’t meant to be sold
Was feeling timid so got the blackberry bold
I hide my tears by smiling and rhyming
In hopes that one day I’ll retire on an island

[Hook: M.anifest]

[Verse 2: M.anifest]
Dreaming of loafers and Ferrari Testarossas
I’m so so driven but I never had a chauffeur
I wanna think big, dream large, and eat kosher
I already told y’all, I’m gifted like bronya
Roof over my head, not homeless on a park bench
Still here bitching bout my studio apartment
Over worked and under paid, so I’m here getting bent
Noodles on my dinner plate, scrambling to pay the rent
Last month was hella late, landlord getting tense
Bourgie mothersucker, yeah that sucka don’t know sense
Just cents and dollars, his cars, and his picket fence
Oh shit wait up, I’m turning into a hater
I feel anorexic, time to get my weight up
Gone till November, so remember don’t wait up
The fat boys break up, now everyday I wake up
I’m living with the wolves, hope my dreams don’t get ate up

[Hook: M.anifest]

[Verse 3: M.anifest]
I don’t wanna grow old and bitter, liquor soaked liver
Talk about how I coulda made stages quiver
So my eyes are lit up as i do these sit-ups
Success is pricey gotta raise my bid up
Gotta raise my kid up, teach him self-esteem
Nourish him with ways, he can blow off steam
No I in dreams and no I in teams
But my third eye is the I that’s in king
King cobra flow, Minnesota know
Ghana man since 19 kojo hoho
Madina say my rap deɛ, the whole deho
So I dey hose composing anthems, Phillip Gbeho
Chances are slim, I’ll be old and bitter (never)
No dey fit swim, so cry me no rivers
Been undermined and misunderstood
But I work overtime and won’t be overlooked (no more)

[Hook: M.anifest]


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