NEW MUSIC: WooWooWoo – Jayso

If you are a follower and fan of Jayso, then you have probably come across Hashtag “WooWooWoo”. 

At first glance you may be tempted to think it is another gimmick. The social networks are infamous for that. But shortly after Jayso tweeted “#Woowoowoo”, it was followed by numerous memes of the topic and the fans joined in to create memes simulating the sound of the word “Woowoowoo”. Later, Jayso announced the word as the title of a freestyle he was going to release, soon.

Now for those of you who have watched ‘Martin’ (Sitcom), WooWooWoo is definitely not a strange term. The lead actor in this sitcom (Martin Lawrence) made the “WooWooWoo” sound his ‘unique’ way of expressing intense excitement. Jayso obviously took this sound and made it the title of this song and I must say, what a great hip-hop record. The end of the chorus goes;

“So if you feel this rap, just do like Martin and go WooWooWoo”

“WooWooWooo” was produced by the genius himself Jayso and mixed/mastered by Coptic’s team in NYC.



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